Hey, how's it going?


I live in Los Angeles and am originally from Houston, TX. I have worked in various creative industries like Contemporary Fine Art, Graphic Design, Brand Architecture, Styling, Retail and Fashion.

I got my design and print chops working for Artlies, a now defunct non-profit organization that produced a quarterly publication. After that, I started working in the gallery scene where I curated shows and produced graphics, to starting my own little spot. All the while, I exhibited my work all over Texas with some group shows outside of the state.

From 2011 - 2015 I developed, owned, built visuals and branding, bought for and managed a boutique in Houston called Settlement Goods & Design, specializing in high designed, American made fashion, beauty and home goods.

Coming from all these creative endeavors and with my experience working all sides of small business, I currently consult anyone from individuals to small businesses to brands with my husband Gene Morgan at our digital agency called Supreme Value. Let me know if you'd like to use my brain.